Check Out These Adorable Tattoos By South Korean Tattoo Artist Buoy

    When we think of tattoos, the word “adorable” isn’t the first thing that comes to our mind. However, that word perfectly describes the works of South Korean tattoo artist Buoy.

    Buoy is constantly amazing tattoo enthusiasts and social media users with his charming tattoo designs that feature cute and silly animals alongside other goofy characters. Some of his past designs include a frog eating a watermelon, a hedgehog riding a skateboard, and a cat looking at its reflection in a glass of water.

    According to Buoy, his love for animals is the biggest source of inspiration for his designs. This is particularly the case with frogs, which are among the most demanded motifs among his clients.  

    “Basically, I love all kinds of animals, so I tried a lot of different types. For the frog, I love the mindless facial expression, like they have no idea what is going on. And I think a lot of my followers feel the same way!” Buoy told Bored Panda.

    Buoy is based in Seoul, South Korea, but thanks to the magic of social media, his tattoos have found admirers from all over the world. Tattoo enthusiasts sometimes come to Seoul just to get inked by Buoy, while the artist himself also travels to foreign countries in order to meet the high demand. For example, he is visiting Australia in April, and all of the slots have already been booked.

    You can admire more of Buoy’s tattoo designs by continuing to scroll.