This Fashion Designer Makes Clothes Out of the Most Unexpected Materials

    Fashion designer Cory Infinite makes fashion pieces that you have probably never seen before. This is because he uses the most unexpected materials for his creations.

    Infinite makes clothes using materials that you wouldn’t think could ever become clothes, including coins, keyboard keys, and spoons. Each piece is handmade by Infinite and can be worn or admired as a piece of art.

    “All my pieces are handmade 1 of 1 art pieces, you can buy them to wear, or you can hang them on your wall,” says Infinite on his official website.

    According to Infinite, he became interested in fashion design while looking for a pastime activity during the coronavirus pandemic. He started making clothes for himself, and his pieces quickly caught the attention of his friends, who wanted something similar.

    Infinite continued to explore his interest in fashion while making his creations more daring over time. This led to creations like pants made out of 7,000 pennies, gloves covered in keys, and a jacket that consists entirely of spoons and weighs 41 pounds.

    Infinite frequently documents his creative process and shares finished pieces on social media. You can check out more of his creations by scrolling below.


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