Cosplayer Creates Hooves-shaped Shoes and They’re Amazing

    Cosplaying is the art of copying a specific character or a person. It emerged in Japan in the late 20th century, and today this performance art has involved millions of people who like having the opportunity of being whoever or whatever they want.  

    Blair Ondrla is a cosplay designer standing behind an eclectic series of footwear called Creature Feet. These shoes and boots are made in the shape of animal hooves and they serve for costume realism. Ondrla has been a cosplayer since the age of 15. She mainly cosplays video game characters and her creations have already won numerous awards. She turned her passion for costuming into a career by making these amazing fashion lines for her fellow cosplayers.  

    The hooves are made from very strong resin which is fixed on the heels of a 4-inch shoe pair. They should be easy to walk in, similar to stiletto heels, and the best part is that they’re also boys-friendly! Ondrla says that designing realistic costumes that make people happy gives her a feeling of purpose and self-worth.  

    She posts her designs on Instagram, where 20.6k people admire her work. Here are some pieces from her amazing collection.