95-Year-Old Identical Twins Become Instagram Sensation

Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday are currently 95 years old, which makes them Britain’s oldest identical twins.

They live in Tipton in the Black Country and they recently appeared on national TV, stealing the hearts of the whole nation. After their TV appearance, people started stopping them on the street and asking them for photos, which makes them feel like superstars.

“It was absolutely marvelous going to London, they treated us like gold, I didn’t think they’d be that nice,” said Hobday for Express and Star. The twins now have Twitter and Instagram accounts and they are becoming famous among younger people around the world.

“Anyone would think we’ve dropped out of space. You have to be 95 before anybody knows you’re alive, but we’re happy the way we are,’ Hobday continued. She says how it’s odd that nobody even knew about them before but everyone’s recognizing them now, which can be a bit overwhelming.

The sisters live in sheltered accommodation, next door to each other. They claim that the secret to longevity is to stay active. “We do our own cooking, washing, and shopping. You use them or lose them, so we use them.”