Crafter Creates Fantasy-Inspired Jewelry

    Katrin Roth creates jewelry that’s inspired by fantasy. To create her work, the Hamburg-based crafter uses various materials, such as polymer clay. She makes necklaces, crowns, and other wholesome pieces.

    “These are not like your average elven crowns made from metal, but metal-looking plastic,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “They are lightweight and bendable so that they fit on any head and sit smoothly. Anyone can become the fantasy creature they are on the inside. And this makes me really happy!”

    Roth has an Instagram page called where she shares her beautiful creations and an Etsy store where you can purchase her jewelry collection.

    If you are interested to see her work, have a look at the gallery below. Would you wear these remarkable fantasy-inspired pieces? You could use them as a statement piece for your next Halloween party.