Yes Please! Liz Harry’s Quirky Enamel Pins Make For the Perfect Gifts

With over 15 years of experience in illustration, hand-drawn type, and graphic design, Liz Harry knows a thing or two. Having worked primarily for the music industry, mainly designing for music-based clients, before running her own design company, and then working as a freelancer, Harry knows the ins and outs of the creative industry.

Based in Liverpool, she now runs a successful Etsy store, where she sells her original merch which includes accessories, greeting cards, and homewares. But it’s her unique enamel pins that first caught our attention. “I’ve been working in the creative industries for many years, but my greeting cards and pin designs are a recent side hustle that gives me a chance to express myself freely without working to brief,” Harry relayed in an interview with the Printed blog.

“I’ve always loved the idea of owning a shop since I was young and surrounding myself with beautiful things!” she adds. “When I started creating my greeting cards I decided to setup an Etsy shop, which has been developing since. Pins and jewelry were a natural progression for me, I’ve always dabbled with jewelry making but never taken it any further until a friend introduced me to a company making enamel pins – The resurgence in enamel pin designs over the last five years hadn’t gone unnoticed by me and I decided to make one!”

Known for her bright and playful designs (that tend to stick to rainbow color palettes), her creations make for good, clean, fun. They also make for good gifts (hint, hint). Here are some of her more quirky enamel pins.