The Adventures of a Photographer and His Giant Dog

The love between a man and his dog is unique and the most beautiful thing in the world. They really are best friends and loyal companions in every adventure. Take, for example, photographer Chris Cline and his fluffy dog Juji.

A few years ago, Cline moved from Virginia to Minnesota and was feeling a bit depressed because of the change, so his girlfriend found him a new buddy. Cline wasn’t thrilled at first, but very soon he changed his mind. Not only did Juji become his best friend, but he also turned into a great source of inspiration for the photographer.

“I immediately fell in love with him. He has turned my life completely around and we are now absolutely inseparable. I have found a new outlook on life and in my artwork and I owe it all to him,” he wrote on Bored Panda.

Now, Juji is Instagram celebrity thanks to Cline’s artworks. The photographer became widely popular for his amazing Photoshop manipulations featuring him and Juju, a few times larger than his actual size, in different adventures. Take a look.

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Okay…Over the last 2 days I have acquired a significant amount of followers asking if my account is real or photoshop. Asking if Juji is actually 450 pounds. Asking if I realize that a dog that large is impossible. So let's set the record straight because I can't answer each and every comment, direct message, and email without officially pulling out ALL MY HAIR! Juji is a dog. An awesome dog!!! 100 pounds of fluff and love. He is a Goldendoodle (F1-B). He is 4 years old. He is not 10 feet tall. He's 3'1". He does not know how to drive a car or a lawn mower. He can't do a kickflip on a skateboard or steer a sled in the winter. He's never been to Mars or captained a sea-fairing vessel, let alone piloted an airplane. His inside parts are not machinery (that one is funny) and his outside parts are not a combination of polar bear and nuclear fallout. He does not ride bikes, fight squirrels with a sword or cause my canoe to tip over from his weight. He's a dog. Not your average dog, but a dog nonetheless. With a very creative dog-dad. We create fantastical photos together because…its just our thing. It's fun. We're not trying to fool anyone or pass ourselves off as 'a real life Clifford'. We just enjoy being creative and bringing something different to the table. You won't find politics, religion, or monetary status posts here. What you will find here…is smiles and laughter. We just want to brighten your day. That's it. There's no science to it. I hope this answers most of your questions. If it doesn't…just scroll through my feed. All the answers are there. Thank you and please stay for more fun. #chrisandjuji #ellen #excellent_dogs #chewy #petsmart #goldendoodlesofinstagram #goldendoodle #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dogpics #dogsandpals #bigdog #dogphotography #ilovemydog #mydogrocks #dogportraits #puppyphotos #mydog #mycutepuppy #mydogiscutest #mydogiscute #cutestdogever #mydogisreal

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