Designer Makes Colorful Scarves and Other Accessories

    Before beginning her project, printed textile designer Hannah Jackson spends a couple of weeks collecting inspiration and drawing. When she is satisfied with the result, she uses Photoshop to create repeat patterns which she then prints by hand.

    “My practice comes from a love of all things pattern and color, which can be seen in my bold and colorful designs! I try to retain a handmade feel to my work, which I achieve through hand screen printing my designs,” the artist shared in an interview with Ballpit and added that fine liner pens are her favorite medium which allows her to draw simple line drawings.

    Alongside with designers and companies such as Orla Kiely and Marimekko, the artist also seeks inspiration from her surroundings, including nature, or architecture.

    Currently, she has over 1,000 followers on her Instagram page, but her art is definitely worth checking out. We picked a few images, to show how beautiful her creations are.