Drew Barrymore Demonstrates How She Eats Pizza and the Internet Doesn’t Like It

    Drew Barrymore at the Los Angeles Beautycon Festival in 2018
    Drew Barrymore at the Los Angeles Beautycon Festival in 2018. Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock (9761859bd)

    No one should tell you how to eat pizza. Whether you like to fold your pizza or start curst-first, you should go for it. But we recommend not posting it on the internet because you might get a lot of heat from the pizza purists. Just look what happened to Charlie’s Angels star Drew Barrymore.

    Barrymore recently shared a video on her TikTok in which she demonstrated a unique way of eating pizza. Instead of just biting into the slice, she scrapped off the toppings from it and mixed it with some veggies. This resulted in what she called a “pizza salad.”

    “I just take the toppings and a little salad, which has basically all the same toppings as the pizza, and I make a pizza salad,” she explains. “I mix it up, and it’s actually really crunchy and delicious.”

    After tasting her creation, Barrymore seemed really pleased with the dish. However, at the end of the video, she couldn’t resist also eating a slice in an old-fashioned way.


    Wait for it…🍕🥗

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    The video quickly became viral, receiving more than two million views in a few days. It also attracted numerous comments, most of which were unfavorable towards “pizza salad.” One TikTok user said he is “filing a lawsuit on behalf of pizza,” while another wrote: “How dare you do this to a pizza?”

    We hope that Barrymore doesn’t care about the critics and continues to live her best pizza life. And we’ll make sure to give “pizza salad” a try.