Girl and Long Lost Friend Were Reunited Through Twitter

Recently, a college student named Brianna posted a tweet about wanting to reunite with a girl she met on a cruise back in 2006.

She later recalled, “I don’t think there were many kids our age on this particular dinner cruise, so I guess we just found each other and stuck together the whole time. The other night I was going through old scrapbooks and watching vacation videos and I saw her. So I was like: Wow, let’s see if Twitter can find her for me…”

Brianna’s post swiftly went viral and she was surprised to see that people would react so fast. With over 120k retweets, the internet proved it can do anything even reunite people within hours. The good netizens managed to track down Heidi Tran, the same girl Brianna met on a cruise 12 years ago.

“I honestly thought it would take at least a week to find her. The internet is so amazing and showed me that it really is a small world after all,” Brianna shared. Since the two buddies reunited, they’ve been catching up on life and school. Twitter users also shared their comments as they were also excited to witness such a wonderful reunion.