This Artist is Drawing Some of the Most Amazing Hyperrealistic Portraits We’ve Seen

Hyperrealistic drawings will always be impressive in our book. This is why we have to introduce you to the works of Mayor Olajide, a talented artist who is drawing some of the most amazing hyperrealistic portraits out there.

Olajide’s works look just like black and white photographs, and you probably couldn’t tell the difference even if you approach to inspect them closely. He manages to capture every little detail, every wrinkle and the faces feature in such a stunning way that you wouldn’t even guess he only uses charcoal pencils.

What’s even more impressive is that Olajide is only 19 years old, and drawing is his hobby. He started drawing portraits several years ago to help his family’s budget and kept it as a side gig while focusing on his architecture studies. 

“I draw anytime I’m in the mood. I don’t have a specific time, even in the night I draw,” Olajide shares. “It is something I do when I’m less busy, after school, during break time, a hobby.”

Due to the level of detail and work needed, his drawings usually take 20 or more hours to complete. The more complex ones can take the number to even 150 hours, which is how long it took him to paint a portrait of Queen Elisabeth II.

Olajide’s drawings have been featured in numerous exhibits so far, and he gladly shares his newest works on social media.