Graffiti Artist Futura and Crocs Team Up for Limited Edition Custom Classic Clogs

    Crocs are known for embracing different takes on their iconic classic clogs and not being afraid to mix things up. The company has collaborated with a number of different artists and brands in the past, all of whom presented their own vision of the clogs to the world. Now, legendary American graffiti artist Futura will join that list.

    Futura and Crocs recently teamed up for a line of limited edition custom classic clogs. The release features Futura’s trademark graffiti style adorning two versions of the clog, “Green Ivy” and “Pearl White”.

    “Green Ivy” features a green insole with a green and white exterior that also features splashes of red, brown, and black. “Pearl White” is monochromatic, featuring more subtle artworks. Both versions also feature Futura’s signature symbols, including a Pointman figurine and a depiction of the atom as attachable accessories.

    These stylish clogs will be initially released on the webshop of Futura’s design company, Futura Laboratories, on March 11. They will then become available on Crocs’ online store three days later. Both versions are available in a limited number of units, so if you like them, make sure not to miss out. They will reportedly retail at $85.