Berk Armagan is Using Disposable Coffee Cups to Chronicle His Travel Adventures

When Berk Armagan drew his hometown of Istanbul on a disposable coffee cup, he had no idea this moment will mark the beginning of an amazing journey. He went on to visit many countries over the years and chronicled his adventures by making paper cup drawings of the beautiful places he saw along the way.

Armagan is a self-taught artist based in Istanbul and he was studying the Turkish language at Istanbul University when he embarked on this journey. Traveling the world wasn’t something he could afford back in the day, so he initially only drew landmarks of Istanbul on coffee cups.

“I hadn’t got enough money to travel the world so one day I hit one very good idea. I’ve started to draw on cups that people were throwing away to garbage. Apart from traveling the world, I have many projects to fill the cups with!” Armagan told Bored Panda.

Armagan’s first project “Cups of Istanbul” is now many years behind him, and he visited 27 countries and 70 cities around the world in the meantime. He’s followed by over 100,000 people on Instagram and went on to collaborate with such brands as Michelin and Starbucks, in addition to selling his paper cups.