Man Creates Beautiful Wedding Dresses For His Barbie Dolls Using Toilet Paper And Tissue

    Image via jianyang1979/Instagram

    Meet Jian Yang, the Singaporean living with more than 9,000 dolls making him the largest male collector of Barbie dolls in the world.

    He loves to collect Barbies ever since he was a kid. Now in the late 30s, he has accumulated thousands of dolls from 50 different countries. Besides being the doll-collecting king, Yang travels with a doll and creates stunning wedding dresses for his Barbie using tape, toilet paper and tissues he finds in hotels.

    Take a look at his remarkable creations.

    More toilet paper fashion. #barbie x #kleenex #havetissuewilltravel

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    More fun with toilet paper. #barbie #barbiefashionista #Kleenex #havetissuewilltravel

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    Pleats please. #barbie #barbiestyle #havetissuewilltravel

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