Something Old, Something New: This Jewelry Brand Creates Timeless Pieces

    Baylee Ann Zwart designs original jewelry that’s inspired by French Art Deco as well as Ancient civilizations, making wearable art pieces for the modern woman (but with a hint of tradition).

    “I’m really passionate about creating fine jewelry options for modern women, that feel approachable for everyday wear, but special enough to invest in knowing they will have it for years to come,” she explained in an interview with Flaunt.

    “I’ve always loved the Art Deco era of jewelry, it was so architectural and linear with the use of such unusual shapes of stones and diamonds, and I design in a very linear way, so I have loved creating a more modern take on Deco,” she added. “On the other hand I’ve also been fascinated by ancient civilizations for as long as I can remember, so being able to create ancient-looking coins, in solid gold was always an ambition of mine, and so was combing those two worlds, Ancient and Deco, and that’s really the voice and foundation of our collection.”

    Her jewelry brand, AZLEE, is dedicated to creating long-lasting, quality pieces. Made of 18k gold and platinum, AZLEE’s pieces are made locally in Los Angeles by master craftsman. The enamel is hand-painted by a local artist and the jewelers are a top craftsman in their field.

    Something to add to your collection, perhaps. Take a look at some highlights from AZLEE’s Instagram page: