Enter Amy Lincoln’s Magical Sceneries

Amy Lincoln’s paintings don’t shy away from color. Painted with bright colored acrylic paints, they feature eye-popping landscapes and detailed plants that stand out against the background.

“I often try to make the color be as vivid as possible, while still modeling a form in light and dark,” said the New York-based artist in an interview with Maake Magazine. “Color is often the starting point for each painting. I’ll try to think of a color combination that I haven’t used before or think of how I can change certain colors in a landscape so that the value still makes sense for a day or night scene, but the color is something surprising.”

Primarily focused on still life and landscape painting, Lincoln actually started out by drawing primarily portraits and self-portraits. “When I was in grad school I started keeping potted plants, and they occasionally made their way into my paintings,” she recalled. “In about 2009 I got more interested in painting plants and since about 2012 plants and landscape are pretty much the only things I paint.”

Mountains, clouds, and sun rays also appear throughout her work, with nature being a constant source of inspiration. “I think growing up next to a beautiful garden with a mom who was very enthusiastic about plants probably influenced my work,” she adds.

Peek inside her magical sceneries: