Artist’s Hand-drawn Portrait Can Compete with Photographs

Hyperrealistic drawings are always fascinating to see. Most times, hyperrealism artists develop their skill over time. The process itself also takes a lot of time. Many artists spend up to one month on one portrait and it is not difficult to see why. The results are always extraordinary.

Mayank Kumarr is an artist who specializes in the aspect of hyperrealistic drawing and painting. His work is so unique that you can barely tell it apart from photographs.

Taking a closer look at his art images displayed here, it looks so close to the photographed images. Aside from this, his images as shown here look lifelike.

The art of drawing is really progressive, and many more fascinating images are yet to be seen. Kumarr has painted several popular actors such as Jason Momoa, and Daniel Radcliffe.

See some of his best pictures in the gallery below: