9-Years-Old Recreates Celebrities Red Carpet Looks

Image via rileydiary/

Recreating celebrities red carpet looks is entertaining for the ones who are doing it and for the audience as well.

Riley Dashwood, a 9-years-old Internet sensation, also known as Riley Diary on social media, started making YouTube videos at only five. She has become famous for creating trick shots, DIY crafts, challenges, and other funny vlogs. However, at the age of six, she and her dad Rhett step up their game and began posting photos and videos to Instagram.

The Australian mini-star in 2016 made a huge April Fool’s joke as well, where she pranked her Instagram followers by teasing that she would be playing Chrissy Teigen in a 2017 biopic. Nowadays, she has almost 60,000 admirers who are enjoying her funny posts.

How to recreate a superstar look with the things you have at home? Scroll down, maybe Riley could give you some amazing tips.