Artist Makes Remarkable Gingerbread Sculptures

Caroline Eriksson is an artist who loves making remarkable sculptures out of gingerbread. Her artistic journey began six Christmases ago, in 2013 when she made an Optimus Prime for a gingerbread contest.

To create her sculptures, Eriksson first has to build an internal structure out of metal, and only then she uses gingerbread and melted sugar. She also says that she adjusts her recipe by adding twice as more syrup and no baking powder to make the gingerbread harder and to give it a smoother surface. When making the curved areas, Eriksson mentioned she uses them fresh out the oven.

Since her first sculpture, the artist made a Xenomorph, dragon and even Darth Vader. She shares her creations on her Instagram profile where she has attracted over 2.6k followers.

Scroll down and check out her work below.