Malaysian Artist Erica Chea Turns Awkward Into Hilarious

People have always loved to read comics, as they are drawn stories about people or imaginary heroes we can easily relate to. With the emergence of the Internet, comics easily found their way through the new media. Social media platforms have become hosts for thousands of talented illustrators who are now able to directly reach the global public.

In their new adapted format, comics became very short but increasingly relatable. 

Erica Chea is a webcomic artist from Malaysia whose short stories about everyday awkward social situations are hilarious. The main character is a drawn version of the artist herself – a girl with messy hair, very confused about life, work, education, and social situations.

In her comics, she is often sharing her emotions and the issues that bother her. She has two pets, a fish and a dog, and they get along pretty well. Sometimes, she feels crabby, or just sad. Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of bed. Sometimes she just needs to have a conversation with her fish about how boring life can be. 

The stories are funny and highly relatable, especially for anyone who has problems with handling overwhelming social situations, so check them out!