Designer Makes Hilarious Cat Costumes You Will Love

Airie McCready is an artist and designer from San Diego, California and a mom of four sphynx cats, Supermodel Daisy, Lucky Boy, Bella Bluebell, and Starr Blue. She is also the owner of Slinx Concept, where she sells costumes and other fashionable garments for cats.

“It’s my goal to provide everything you need to have a happy life with your pet – this strengthens the bond and hopefully less of these sensitive, wonderful emotional animals will end up in rescues,” McCready shared on her Etsy store. “My biggest joy is doing garments for medical needs-cats who over groom their skin, pull out their fur, have dragging stomachs and even balance problems, and need padded hats are some of my favorites.”

From queens and kings to pirates, flowers or horror films, you can find all kind of hilarious and funny costumes for your adorable pet. McCready shares some of her creation on her Instagram account and be sure to check out her Etsy store where she sells all of her goodies.

Scroll down and take a look below.