Russian Artist Creates Risky Performance on a Building

Some artists remain attached to canvases and brushes, other love to craft, while one artist from Samara, Russia is into risky art. Arseniy is an artist who came up with an idea to create an usual and risky performance equivalent to a five-story building.

He created a small boozer, where he sits at a table, with a carpet behind his back. In another of his creations, Arseniy made an image of him being on a beach, where he used a palm tree, a fish and a rubber duck as his decorations.

The performances are a part of the project called 1m2 dedicated to the chase after a living space, and according to Arseniy, people get accustomed to measuring their life with square meters. Everything revolves around the accommodation; people save money to buy a place to live, then save money again to furnish it, and finally limit their life to the size of this unit.

The artist needed only two days to prepare his project. Don’t worry, there were special safety equipment involved in the whole procedure.

Scroll down and take a look at his creation below. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more amazing images.