Designer Makes Unusual Cross-Stich Designs That Are Hilarious

Katerina Lukashina is a Russian-American designer from Los Angeles who makes funny, sassy cross-stitch designs which will make your guests laugh. Better known as OhWowStitch, the artist shares her creations on her Instagram account and sells them in her Etsy store.

“When you think ‘cross stitch’, you probably picture a dusty, framed piece of needlepoint art in your grandma’s house that says ‘Home Sweet Home’ (boooooring) or an old-style ugly roses stitched on the pillowcase in her living room…,” Lukashina shared with Bored Panda. Well, these are not those types of cross stitches.”

On her Instagram account, the designer has gained almost 13 thousand followers and has hundreds of likes on each post.

Do you love cross-stitch designs? If so, you surely like Lukashina’s artwork. Scroll down and take a look at her masterpieces below.