Digital Artist Introduces Sportswear to Renaissance Paintings

    Digital artist Str4ngeThing recently presented an intriguing project in which he fuses modern sportswear with Renaissance paintings. And the results are more awesome than you might imagine.

    Str4ngeThing’s creative process usually involves swapping the subject of old paintings with portraits of himself wearing sports clothes. Most of the time, he’s wearing Nike apparel, although he also gives the nod to other brands like Tommy Hilfiger.

    His fashion choices range from t-shirts and sweatpants to hoodies. However, occasionally he opts for some original clothing items like Nike capes from the Renaissance era.

    According to the artist, these unique mashups are made with the help of Artificial Intelligence and inspired by the “Mandela Effect of Fashion and modern items appearing in the wrong era.” Mandela Effect is a term used to describe an occurrence in which many people remember something incorrectly.  

    Str4ngeThing’s artworks became quite popular on social media, causing his Instagram account to gain thousands of new followers in a matter of days. But despite increased popularity, the artist decided to keep his identity a secret. No one knows anything about him, and the only way people are able to meet him is through his art.