Check Out How Fashion Has Drastically Changed Throughout History

    One thing that constantly changes and evolves is fashion. What was considered fashionable today probably wouldn’t be considered fashionable in Ancient Egypt and vice-versa. This is one of the reasons why it is fascinating to look at the fashion of the past and compare it to modern times. And thanks to Crow’s Eye Productions’ popular series Getting Dressed in…, that is easier than ever.

    Getting Dressed in… is a series of YouTube videos that aim to “bring alive history through beautifully-crafted videos using historically accurate period costume and locations.” Each video is dedicated to a particular era, like Renaissance Florence, Roman Britain, or the 14th century, and takes a detailed look at how people dressed back then.

    The actors in the video are shown putting on authentic costumes that correspond to the topic of the video while the narrator tells the viewer more details about the things they see on their screens. This includes a historic background of the period, the reasoning behind particular items of clothing, and some fun facts.

    Crow’s Eye Productions was established by filmmaker Nicole Loven in 2005. Nicole is responsible for filming and directing the videos while her mother, Pauline, a period costumier, and costume historian, researches and produces the videos.

    Getting Dressed in… series currently has 36 videos. Here are a few of them.