Step Up Your Office Material Game With Omoshiroi Blocks

Are you tired of boring office material? Well, maybe you should try getting some Omoshiroi blocks from the Japanese company Triad during your next haul.

At first glance, Omoshiroi blocks are just your usual stack of paper notes. However, once you start using them, you discover their true form. Each note you rip off plays a part in revealing impressive 3D objects.

Omoshiroi blocks represent the perfect mix of functionality and intuitive design. You get to have colorful notes and then end up with a perfect decoration piece for your office desk.

Triad offers various other intriguing paper products designed in a similar manner. For example, they have recently presented a calendar that works on the same principle. You rip out a piece of paper each day to reveal the date. At the end of the year, you get treated with a 3D paper sculpture of Earth’s landmarks or scenes from different seasons.

Triad creates Omoshiroi blocks in a number of different shapes and forms. They have recreations of popular Japanese architectural landmarks, objects like violins and cameras, and even a full 3D paper model of a train.

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