Parisian Makeup Artist, Violette, Has Made a Name for Herself

Paris-born, Brooklyn-based makeup queen, known simply as Violette, has dominated the fashion scene for quite a while now. When you’re known by first name only, that’s a clear sign you’ve made a name for yourself.

A global beauty director for Estée Lauder since 2017, the self-taught makeup artist came to New-York at the age of 19 with big dreams in her heart and little money in her pocket. She studied art and fashion before launching her YouTube channel, where she shared her love for makeup.

“I always hesitated between becoming a painter or a fashion designer, but neither excited me enough,” Violette said in an interview with Inside Out magazine. “And then all became so evident when one night, completely by accident, I had to do a friend’s make up for a costume party. I put sparkles all over her face and it came to me: she was my muse. I was ‘dressing’ and painting her face.”

She currently reaches out to her big audience through her YouTube channel, as well as her Instagram page, where she inspires women and in turn is inspired by women. “Today, all women are my muses, not some sort of blank canvas,” she stressed. “I am celebrating all women and their femininity.”

Take a look at some of her makeup looks.