Libby VanderPloeg Illustrates a Diverse, Inclusive Culture

Libby VanderPloeg’s illustrations and GIFs are delightful in their simplicity. Libby grew up in Michigan, before living in Grand Rapids, Chicago, New York, and even Stockholm. Her work is inspired by her ever-changing environments.

I’ve lived in relatively urban areas for most of my life and in such environments, you’re just immersed in interesting culture without trying very hard,” she explained in an interview with Create & Cultivate.

“I find humans endlessly fascinating (and weird), and along that line I’m interested in the little worlds they/we create through fashion, decor, and culture more broadly,” she added. “I’m constantly cataloging all of this visual information in my head, or sometimes jotting notes down on my phone to refer back to if I just feel like doodling but am not sure where to start. For me, I’m tripping over inspiration daily. Sometimes it’s the bolt-of-lightning type, but most of the time it’s more like ‘I think I’ll draw my funny socks today because I love them,’ and that’s fine, too.”

Her thoughtful illustrations call for a more diverse, emphatic, and inclusive world. We highly recommend you follow her Instagram page for more inspiration.