Funny Cat Drawings That Are So Accurate

Image via dailypurrr/Instagram

We all know that cats are adorable. They come in various shapes and sizes, they’re even liquid! That’s why there’s one Instagram account that created “stupid cat drawings on [a] daily basis.”

Dailypurrr’s illustrations are a combination of simplicity and humor, and even a kid can replicate them. Some of the drawings are inspired by popular internet supercats while others are based on people’s requests.

The man behind Dailypurrr, Ainars from Latvia, said that the project went viral when he uploaded 92 images. “I just really love simplicity and primitivism in art, and always wanted to draw something simple and share with the people,” Ainars told Bored Panda.

“I get a lot of submissions,” he said. “One time, when I decided to ask people to send me their cat pics in an Instagram story, I got like 150+ messages in one day. When I choose a pic for drawing, I’m looking for awkward poses, stupid cat looks, interesting situations, etc.” Ainars has two cats himself. His family adopted Nika and Kuzya they found on the streets.

Check out his hilarious drawings below.