Stay Comfy in Ethical Linen

    With most of us staying at home these days, staying comfortable is now a top priority. But purchasing ethical fashion from small brands is equally important in times of financial crisis. And so, the last couple of weeks has seen us scouring the web for comfort and morals.

    Our first stop is Linenfox — a brand based in Lithuania run by husband and wife duo Ingrida Margelė and Airidas Margelis. The brand was conceived after the couple kept looking for simple, durable, and quality made linen garments at reasonable prices.

    Since launching in 2014, the two have cut and sewed all their linen garments locally, using only toxic-free, Oeko-tex certified linen. While the first garments were made by Margelė and Margelis, the brand now employees 15 workers and is run in accordance with fair trade principles.

    “Our brand is inspired by nature and movement,” said Margelė in an interview with the Etsy blog, “and we make clothing that can be worn for cycling and playing outdoors or for taking part in a formal event. Comfort is important to us. We make functional garments that are suitable for a wide range of occasions.”

    “Our clothes can be used for gardening, traveling, or shopping at the market,” she adds. “But the same garment, if dressed up a bit, could be worn for a formal occasion. There are so many things we have to do in our lives, why not have a staple that works well for numerous occasions?”

    And here’s a reminder: a well-made cloth is significantly more durable, feels better against your skin, and most importantly gets softer and more beautiful with each wear. See some of their collection in the gallery below: