Art Trio Creates Hilarious Comics About Friendship and Life

Image via pudinandflan on Instagram

Pudin and Flan is a comic, and the creation of three creative minds; Destinee Cleveland, Jackie King, and James Averett.

“It has really been a labor of love for us. Our original goal was to create a funny little comic about ourselves but… it’s become something so much bigger,” they shared on Bored Panda. “We now have a chance to bring about representation for everything we find important in our lives and the society we live in. It’s like our speaker box and we want to give people something that they can relate to while making them laugh at the same time.”

They share their artwork on Instagram where they have attracted a following of almost two thousand followers. If you are interested to see their creations, you can also check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or have a look at their personal website.