The Classical Portraits of Daniel J. Yeomans

Painter Daniel J. Yeomans is known for his classical technique for portraiture—one that has remained somewhat unchanged since the renaissance. An acclaimed contemporary artist with traditional training at the Internationally renowned Charles H. Cecil studios in Florence, Yeomans accepts commissions for painting—a personal gift that is intended to be passed down through generations.

“Working from life enables spontaneous brushwork,” said Yeomans in an interview with Jackson’s Art. “Each brushstroke, the color, the direction, the thickness of the paint is all a response to something happening in front of me. If all this becomes still (in a photo) I lose all these variable qualities in my work that make it my own.”

As well as specializing in portraiture, Yeomans spends much of his time traveling and painting plein air works. Some of which hang in collections throughout Europe, Asia, and the US. “Primarily I create art for everyone to enjoy in a public exhibition, so that is where most of my energy is spent,” he explains. “Commissions are equally important to living as an artist and just as exciting to paint but naturally you can’t seek them out so you should be happy to paint for yourself to start with.”

According to Yeomans, painting for himself allows him to expand his boundaries and try new things. “Sometimes they fail and sometimes they work out, but I use the experience for future projects.”