Dog Takes a Selfie a Day to Elevate People’s Lockdown Blues

Who among you loves discovering new social media accounts that feature cute pets? We know we have a feed full of adorable animals and one of them is Jess the Worried Whippet.

Jess’s page has over 20k followers already. To thank them for their support, Jess now posts a selfie every day during the lockdown.

“She had a bumpy start in life and was a huge bundle of nerves when we got her two years ago,” her owner tells us.

The Instagram page is a celebration of Jess’s life and it turned out to be something that many people can relate to.

Jess spent the first several years of her life with a few different owners who ultimately didn’t have time and energy to take care of her. That’s how she got to her current home where she got to enjoy many things for the first time, such as staying inside and sleeping in a human bed, which she loves a lot. Scroll down to see some of her adorable photos and follow her on Instagram if you want to see her pretty face on your feed every day!