Couple Quit Their Job to Travel the World and Have Now Reached the Arctic Circle

Most of us dream about quitting our jobs and traveling the world but never do it. However, UK couple Chris and Sam Hoar, made this dream a reality and are loving every moment of it.

Back in 2021, Chris and Sam bought an old Volkswagen van and spent 10 months rebuilding it into a home on wheels. Once their motorhome was finished, they quit their jobs and hit the road. Their first trip included an odyssey through Central Europe and included France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, and Italy, among other countries.

In February this year, the couple’s wanderlust took them to Scandinavia with the goal of seeing the Arctic Circle. They passed through Sweden and Finland before reaching Norway and are now on their way to the North Cape, the farthest point of the country they are able to reach with their motorhome.

“For us, we have never seen snow like this in all our lives. I’m talking seven foot of show outside right, with temperatures dropping to -23 degrees,” Chris shared in a chat with SWNS. “The weather has definitely tested the van properly being up here, but we still haven’t broken down, and the vastness of the wilderness all around us is breathtaking and unreal.”

Chris and Sam have been documenting their journey on social media, sharing clips and photos of astonishing destinations they have visited. Check out more of the footage from their Arctic Circle adventure below.