Man Discovers a Secret Drawer in His House After 2 Years, He is Surprised With Its Content

A video of a man discovering a secret drawer in a house he has been living in for two years has become viral on TikTok and captured the attention of internet users.

In the clip, a man named Dylan can be seen sharing an unexpected discovery in a closet his family has been using as a pantry. He explains that he discovered a drawer in the closet the night prior and that he is unsure whether to check it out because his wife told him “to leave it alone”.


Just discovered this secret drawer in our house. To explore or not to explore?#fyp #thingsfoundinwalls #secretdrawer

♬ original sound – Dylan

The video ended up getting more than 14 million views, with TikTok users recommending that Dylan not investigate further.

“Idk I think your wife is onto something. This sounds like the beginning of every scary movie,” one user wrote.

“Nah leave it alone,” another added.

But despite the warning from his wife and the internet, Dylan still decided to check out the contents of the drawer. As it turned out, there was nothing sinister in it.

Dylan later uploaded a follow-up video that showed that the drawer had a shoe-shining kit inside. The previous owners probably used the space as a shoe or coat closet and found a great way to keep the shining kit out of sight.


Opened the secret drawer and the contents are kind of boring but also not what I would have guessed.#fyp #thingsfoundinwalls #secretdrawer

♬ original sound – Dylan