Woman Buys a Cheap Bag of Jewelry from the Thrift Store, She Finds a $500 Bracelet Inside

    Thrift stores are known to be a great place to buy valuable items for cheap. One TikToker from Australia recently discovered this after buying a cheap bag of jewelry there and discovering a $500 bracelet inside.

    In a viral video shared on social media, a TikToker named Millie can be seen opening a mystery bag of jewelry she bought at a local thrift store. According to her, she paid 10 AUD ($6.5) for the bag.

    While going through the contents of the bag, Millie discovered a bracelet with a logo of the luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. The bracelet was dirty and seemed “fake” at first, but after polishing it out and giving it a closer inspection, Millie became “99% sure” it was real. She went on to check the value of the bracelet and found that they sell online anywhere from $209 to $500.


    did i really find a TIFFANY AND CO bangle??? The thrift gods r looking after me so well 🤞#thrifthaul #mysterybag #opshop #jewellery

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    Millie’s video ended up getting more than seven million views after being posted, and a lot of TikTokers were convinced that the bracelet was actually real.

    “The fact that the bangle polished up so nicely just goes to show it is definitely real silver,” one user wrote.

    “When she put the Tiffany bangle down, I heard it and immediately knew it was real,” another added.

    This just goes to show that you never know what you can find in a thrift store. So make sure to check your local one and see if you can get some great finds yourself.