French Artist Creates “Paintings” With LEGOs

We have seen all sorts of impressive art made using LEGOs. However, the way French artist M’BricK uses these plastic bricks for artistic purposes is quite unique.

M’BricK stacks LEGOs, both horizontally and vertically, on a flat surface to create “paintings”. When looking from a distance, his works look like they have been painted with traditional paints in a unique, almost pixelated style. But observing them closer reveals their complexity.

Every brick, ranging from bigger to smaller pieces and even LEGO figurines, imitates the stroke of a brush, coming together to form images of cars, fashion items like watches and sneakers, logos, and even portraits of celebrities like Michael Jordan, Bruce Springsteen, and Daft Punk.

When finished, these LEGO paintings are then framed and signed like traditional artworks. As such, M’BricK’s works are exhibited in galleries in his native France and have also been popular among art collectors.

“I am a former professional sportsman turned artist who expresses himself mainly through a game that rocked our childhood, and that of several generations, I think each of us, had some in our hands: LEGO,” M’BricK shares on his website, where he also makes his works available for purchase.