Anja Brunt’s Collage Art Gives a New Purpose to Expendable Paper Materials

Anja Brunt is an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based graphic designer who creates collage art from expendable paper materials. By doing so, she extends their life and gives them a new purpose.

Brunt mainly relies on the items she encounters every day, ones that most of us would overlook or throw away. That can be anything from a playing card, a ticket stub, a paper pamphlet, vintage magazines, and more.

She then meticulously cuts out and arranges pieces of the paper material and brings them together into captivating collage art. These pieces range from tiny “houses” made with old train tickets to whimsical characters created with vintage playing cards.

Brunt started making collage art several years ago while looking for a practice that would challenge her creativity in a relaxing way. Since then, she has become passionate about the medium, appreciating its versatility.

Besides her collage art, Brunt is engaged in various other projects. She designed a game titled “Playful Type Memory,” creates sculptures from found objects like bottle caps, scrap metal, and discarded plastic, while also venturing into the world of animation.

You can check out more of Brunt’s collage art on her website and social media or by scrolling below.