7-Year-Old Designer Max Alexander is Fashion’s Newest Rising Star

    Most children dream about becoming astronauts, actors, or musicians. But 7-year-old Max Alexander doesn’t want any of this; he wants to become the next great fashion designer and currently seems on a great way to actually do it.

    Alexander started making his first dress designs and clothes when he was four. Since then, he has established himself as the fashion’s newest rising star. He is selling his pieces all over the world while even receiving commissions from celebrities.

    Thanks to his great skills, Alexander also got himself a huge social media following. He has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, where his mother Sherri Madison shares his newest creations.

    In a recent chat with PEOPLE, Madison revealed that neither she nor any member of the family had a role in Max’s choice; the boy simply said that he wanted to be a dressmaker one day and started doing it.

    “He just started making dresses, it was the craziest thing,” she told the media outlet. “I ran and got my husband. I was like, ‘Come out of your office, you have to see what Max is doing. It’s crazy.’ “

    Despite already having more than 100 original designs and putting together several fashion shows, Max has much bigger goals for himself.

    “He wants to be the head of the house of Gucci or he wants to have his own atelier, Couture to the Max Italian,” Madison added.

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