Korean Artist Creates Paper Art That Perfectly Replicates The Real World

    Lee Ji-Hee is a former graphic designer and today’s top-class paper artist from South Korea. Her art is based on the skill of paper folding known as origami, but she is taking it much further than cranes and frogs. Ji-Hee has crafted all kinds of objects, from neatly arranged food that simply calls you to take a bite to life-sized dogs you could easily take out for a walk. 

    Some of her creations might instantly throw you back into childhood games with tiny dolls, cars, and houses that look like they just fell out from a fairy tale.  

    She even folds wearable paper trainers and other human clothes, as well as some complicated objects such as cameras or cars, and she folds them meticulously to the single, smallest detail such as doorknobs and hangers in closets or even cheese melting from a slice of pizza! 

    Ji-hee says that although her goal is to reproduce the reality the best way possible, she gives herself the freedom to experiment with color and pattern. The paper itself seems to be inspiring to her, and she says that whenever she looks at a piece of paper, she starts thinking about its possibilities of becoming a piece of art.