Christine Sutton Decorates Plates and Bowls With Animal Illustrations

Montana-based artist Christine Sutton creates pottery that has practical use but can also be considered artwork. Each of Sutton’s plates, bowls, and cups is unique, and they come adorned with whimsical illustrations of birds, animals, and nature motifs. 

Sutton has been engaged in art in some way for most of her life. Her first love was painting, but in 2016, she discovered a passion for pottery after her friend purchased a kiln. She mastered the craft and eventually decided to combine it with her passion for painting.

Now, Sutton creates all sorts of ceramic dishes that she decorates with owls, bison, horses, and other animals. She uses the sgraffito technique, carving a design in hardened clay and then glazing the piece before placing it in the klin.

Sutton has a studio called Little Bird Painting and Design, through which she offers her ceramic pieces alongside other products like paintings, prints, and tattoo tickets.

“I’ve been an artist my whole life and love nothing more than when someone connects enough with my art to want it for themselves or a friend; it truly is the highest honor!” Sutton explains on her website.

Check out more of Sutton’s works below.