Channel Your Inner French-Girl With Rouje

    It doesn’t get more Parisian than Jeanne Damas’ clothing brand, Rouje. Catering for your French girl sensibilities, Rouje is known for its perfect cuts and beautiful fabrics. It’s the next best thing after a vacation in Paris!

    As its creative director, Damas sets the tone, chooses between puffy or long sleeves, and translates her vision and inspiration into fashionable attire. Collaborating with friends and other talents she nitpicks, Rouje is a sincere, free, and open-minded brand.

    “What’s la vie en Rouje about?”, reads a caption on the brand’s website. “Putting lipstick with your fingers, adjusting your skirt to give your legs some sunshine while ‘en terrasse’ at a café. Wearing a dress on a bicycle and jeans for a night out. Surrounding yourself with beautiful souls and witty friends. And missing the métro stop because that book is just too good.” A Parisian ideal.

    Launched in 2016, the brand is inspired by women and womanhood, be it a woman spotted on the street, on Instagram, or in vintage magazines. When asked where she draws her inspiration from in an interview with Coveteur, Damas replied: “Everywhere! Women in the streets, my mother, my friends, movies.” The brand’s goal: to take a new stand on femininity that is sensual and not cliché.

    True to the Parisian spirit, Damas’ style is a mixture of high brow and low brow, couture and streetwear. “I like to dress with slight juxtapositions,” she notes. “I feel contradictions create the right balance. A mix of nostalgia and modernity, masculine and feminine, or casual and elegant.”

    “For example, if I’m wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I’ll put on a coral lipstick and add pearl hoops,” she explains. “Or if I am wearing a wrap dress with heeled mules, I’ll throw my boyfriend’s oversized jacket on top—or one of the boyfriend jackets I designed for Rouje precisely to get that effect.”

    Jeanne Damas’ taste for vintage also inspires the brand’s collections. Every Rouje piece is created with the goal to be timeless, made to last and be cherished, no matter what the current trend is. We recommend following the brand on Instagram for its straight-up chicness.