Filmmaker Photoshops His Dog Into Movie Posters

Have you already heard about Maxine the Fluffy Corgi? He's the furry Instagram star who appears on famous movie posters. He is the best friend of a filmmaker and creative director from...

Girl Does Food-Cosplay and the Results Are Hilarious

Nowadays the Internet is full of people dressing up as comic and movie characters. For some, it is a hobby, while others make a living from it. But one thing is definite:...

Before And After Scenes – With and Without Special Effects

Arrival of a Train at a Station was the first ever movie scene in history and was shot by the Lumière brothers in the late 19th century, more precisely in 1896.

Oscar Performer’s Announcement Makes the Internet Very Happy

The Academy of Motion Pictures announced on Monday that Queen and Adam Lambert, will be performing at the 91st Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California, on Feb. 24.

Sculptures of Pop Culture Characters Made of Things Found in the Basement

Georges Ayusawa is a Switzerland-based artist and art director who created more than 25 steampunk sculptures of pop culture characters in less than five weeks. “He decided to use...

Photos of Famous Movie Scenes in the Spot They Were Filmed

FILMography is a brainchild of a journalist and photographer named Christopher Moloney. The Canada-based artist takes photographs of the places where some of the biggest Hollywood movie scenes were filmed.

Artist Combines Two Cartoon Characters Into One Drawing

Linda Bouderbala is an artist from Paris, France, working as an art director at Marcel WW. She’s a big fan of pop culture and loves to experiment with characters. One of the...

Denver-based Artist Arna Miller’s New Print Honors Miyazaki

Denver-based artist and screen printer Arna Miller (who previously introduced here) is releasing a new screen print that will be a part of street art festival POW! WOW! happening in Hawaii from...

Someone is Creating Color Pallets of Famous Movie Scenes

Although most casual moviegoers don't realize this, the color plays a big role in the movies, setting up the mood and playing a crucial role as a device in the story.

Artist Combines Two Characters Into One

Dadais an Artist who loves to draw everything with different kinds of mediums. She’s a big fan of anime and Disney, and you can see some of her works based on...