Artist Creates Flowery Murals Inspired by Mexican Folklore

Murals can upgrade the plainest of buildings into inspiring works of art. Case in point: Jet Martinez’s flowery murals that are inspired by Mexican folklore.

The Mexican born, California-based artist, originally went to University to study Spanish Literature, before switching to painting. “In my third year of school I took a painting class and enjoyed it so much I decided to drop everything else,” he recalled in an interview with The Design Kids San Francisco. “I dropped out of school and spent the next couple years building up a portfolio to go into art school. I moved to San Francisco in 1996 to go to the San Francisco Art Institute.”

“Drawing and painting were some of the main constants in my life,” admitted Martinez. “They were also a way for me to make connections with new people in new places. That has carried on throughout my life.”

Now he paints his beautiful murals for a living. You can check out some of his work in the gallery below.