Twitter Users are Sharing Photos of Their Incredible Home Libraries

New Zealand-based Twitter user Mikaela always wanted to have her own personal library where she could relax and dive into the magic world of books. Recently, her long-life dream came true, and she decided to share her joy on social media.

“Ever since I was a little kid I wanted my own little library. Today I finally finished it,” wrote Mikaela while posting a few photos of the library.

The beautiful-looking library and Mikaela’s enthusiasm quickly made this post viral. It was re-tweeted over 23,000 times while getting almost 250,000 likes, prompting a follow-up.

It didn’t take long for other Twitter users and bookworms from all over the world to start responding to the original post and sharing their own library setups.

User Rita Collins turned her library into a “traveling bookstore” by placing it inside of a van. According to her, this enables her to travel, read, and connect to other book lovers at the same time.

“Rhoderedpvd”, on the other hand, lacked library space and had to improvise. That’s how her dining room turned into a place for all her books and occasional apology dinners.

You can check out more photos of libraries from Twitter users below.