Lisa Agnetun Creates Adorable Ceramic Ghost Figurines

Ghosts don’t have to be scary. Just think of Casper, the friendly ghost. He is someone you would definitely want to hang out with. With this in mind, Swedish artist Lisa Agnetun is creating adorable ceramic ghost figurines.

Despite drawing inspiration from scary stories, these figurines are everything but spooky. They are a joy to look at and come in all sorts of different colors and shapes. This includes ghosts in traditional Japanese clothing, ghost in animal costumes, and ghosts inspired by pop culture.

Agnetun believes that getting one of her little ghost figurines is like making a friend for life.

“They’re very much like people,” Agnetun explained in a recent interview. “Except for the fact that high-fired ceramics has the ability to outlive us all. If you treat them respectfully, they will haunt you forever.”

Agnetun makes these unique ceramic works in her home studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. The process involves hand sculpting figurines from stoneware or porcelain clay, baking them, and then decorating them into their final shape.

While Angetun keeps her favorites for herself, anyone can own a ghost of their own thanks to her Etsy shop. She also regularly updates her Instagram account with the newest creations.