Malik Afegbua Creates Fashion Show for Seniors Using AI

    Did you notice how fashion shows usually feature young people? Nigerian artist and filmmaker Malik Afegbua sure did, which is why he decided to employ Artificial Intelligence to give seniors a place on the catwalk as well.

    Afegbua recently presented a series called Fashion Show for Seniors, which features images of elderly people in fashionable outfits making their way down the catwalks. The series quickly received significant attention on social media and even captured the attention of Ruth Carter, a Hollywood costume designer known for her work on Marvel’s superhero movie Black Panther.

    While looking incredibly realistic, none of the models featured in Afegbua’s works are actually real. They have been generated by AI. The artist revealed that he used three different AI software in order to get the look he was aiming for.

    “I’m a lover of fashion, and I always like to experiment,” he shared in a chat with BBC. “I wanted to mix traditional African Nigerian fashion with something futuristic, something Afro-futuristic.”

    Afegbua hopes that his series will prompt a conversation about the lack of elderly models and senior fashion on the big stage. He hopes this might inspire more fashion shows for seniors in the future, and until then, he plans to continue creating fictional ones.