Chuck Mullin is Chronicling the Adventures of an Anxious Pigeon in His Relatable Comics

Many people deal with anxiety and depression in their daily lives, and Chuck Mullin decided to brighten up their day with her illustrations. She’s capturing the reality of living with mental health struggles through her relatable comics about the anxious pigeon named Bird Brian.

Mullin is an illustrator based in London, and she fell in love with drawing at an early age. She turned to creating comics during her early twenties, using herself as a character, but later decided to do something a little bit different and put a pigeon front and center.

Her first pigeon comic showed the main character trying to stay strong and confident despite all the mean things other people say about them. She decided to make a pigeon a star of her comics for a reason—she considers them relatable underdog figures because they often get a lot of fate.

Mullin’s Instagram page @chuckdrawsthings became a huge hit because her comics resonated with people, who saw themselves in Bird Brian and related to his struggles with depression and anxiety.

“It’s an incredible feeling to see someone enjoy something I make. Even if it’s a sad comic, it’s meaningful to have people who can relate to what it’s about, it makes me feel less alone,” Mullin told Bored Panda.