Thomas Medicus Displays Thought-Provoking Sculpture of Endangered Animals

Austrian artist Thomas Medicus recently presented an intriguing sculpture dedicated to four endangered animals native to the Austrian region of Tyrol. The thought-provoking glass piece, titled Human Animal Binary, creates an illusion of animal images disintegrating and reassembling depending on the point of view.

Using 144 strips of glass confined in a cube, Medicus reproduced images of lynx, bee, kingfisher, and river trout. All these animals are affected by the lack of care for the environment and ongoing climate change. They are in danger of losing their habitat and getting closer to extinction if humans don’t change their approach.

Human Animal Binary is currently displayed in Innsbruck, an Austrian mountain city that also serves as the capital of Tyrol. It will remain there for the next 12 months. The artist is also preparing a film about the project that will share more details about the process of creating the sculpture and the goal it aims to achieve.

“Human/Animal Binary was designed to last. One day the installation will stand in a different social context: as a memorial that has come true or as a relic of a time that has been overcome,” the artist explains.

If you can’t make it to Innsbruck, see what makes this  “Human Animal Binary” special in the video below.