MSCHF Reveals New Boots Entirely Made Out of Rubber

    Art collective MSCHF, known for its Big Red Boot and other quirky products, recently revealed its new footwear creation. This time, MSCHF decided to offer a fresh take on the lumberjack boots by creating a pair entirely made out of rubber.

    The “2×4” boots are described as “all sole” and stay true to that description, with even the tongue being made of sturdy gum rubber. The only non-rubber components are the shoelaces and the leather ankle cuff to make them more comfortable for the wearer. The boots come adorned with a handful of details, including MSCHF at the sole and motifs that are similar to the blossom pattern famously used by fashion house Louis Vuitton.

    “The boot tread has been extruded up through the body of the boot, and the upper is made of gum rubber sole material. Built to stomp some curbs,” MSCHF explains on its website.

    The “2×4” boots will be officially released on March 19 through MSCHF’s online webshop in a limited availability for $400.

    As part of the release campaign, MSCHF teamed up with legendary director Spike Lee to promote the shoes. They are also offering a “2×4” pair, worn and signed by Spike Lee, at an auction through Sotheby’s. These boots are estimated to fetch north of $2,000.